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Humble Messenger

A member of the Blue Avian soul group who incarnated to Earth to help with planetary ascension, Corey was recruited into the Secret Space Program at the age of six because of his intuitive empath abilities.  The Blue Avians refer to Corey as “Ra-Hanush-Eir” – a derivative of a Hebrew word which is synonymous with “Enoch” and roughly translates to “Messenger.”   Quite literally, Corey is the Enoch of our modern times - sent to our planet to reignite the Christ Consciousness message of Love, Forgiveness, and Service to Others in preparation for the most extraordinary time in our recorded history. 

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Sphere Being Alliance

The Sphere Being Alliance is comprised of five different non-terrestrial and highly-advanced soul groups, including the Blue Avians, the Golden Triangle Head Beings, and the Blue Spheres – 9th density living beings that look like swirling spheres of blue light and can expand and contract in size. These Sphere Beings also transport Corey throughout the Universe and have been protecting our Solar System since at least the 1980s.

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